Malte Beckenbach is a Berlin based composer, producer, senior sound designer and computer music artist  working in the field of performance and audio installation. His musical influences draw widely on experimental electronics and minimalism but also hip hop and post-punk formed his vision of electro-acoustic compositions and installations - often mixed with a pinch of pop. Most of his work has been in the context of performance theatre and contemporary dance, where he collaborated with directors such as Falk Richter, Thomas Ostermeier, Marius von Mayenburg and Benedict Andrews as well as with the choreographers Nir De Wolf, Anouk van Dijk and her melbourne-based dance company CHUNKY MOVE. In total he scored music for over 50 productions including Schaubühne (Berlin), Staatsoper (Berlin), Residenztheater (München), Schauspielhaus (Zürich), Burgtheatre (Vienna), Avignon Festival, Teatro Argentina (Rome), Norway National Theatre (Oslo), Frascati Theatre (Amsterdam), CHUNKY MOVE (Melbourne) and many others.



Furthermore his sound-design projects led to cooperations with Fischer Appelt, D´ART, ART+COM and T-Gallery/ Telekom (creating new sound concepts for the galleries re-launch in 2015, 2016 and 2017). 


In addition to his solo work, Malte Beckenbach collaborates with artists such as icelandic singer songwriter Helgi Johnsson, pianist Simon James Phillips, violinist Ayumi Paul, vibraphonist Karl-Ivar Refseth (the Notwist), composer Nils Ostendorf and with the L.A. based producer Robot Koch.


His collaborative work also included working with video artists such as Chris Kondek, Martin Rottenkolber, Sebastien Dupouey, Julian Rosenfeldt and Björn Melhus.